RT 5.10 takes a very long time to render a 100% preview

I have a weird effect with the new RT. It takes a super long time to apply my profile to an image. my 24 mpx Canon 80D image needs 15 to 30 seconds with the profile I uploaded. I dont think it was this bad with earlier versions.

normal.pp3 (15.0 KB)

Hello @Smort, welcome to the forum.

I applied your pp3-file to several of my pics and it loaded fine and quick here, so i can not reproduce what you described.

Did you try to create a new profile and see, if that will load fine?

In the file you uploaded, there is one thing, i wonder if its really intended:
for DarkFrame there is a path and file defined as
F:\Bilder\Camera Roll\Ausflüge\2018-09-14-Gickelsberg/szeva (without extension)

Even if DarkFrameAuto is set to false, i wonder, if RT is trying to find the drive, path or file, which will take some time, if it doesn’t exist (anymore).

btw: the folder “Camera Roll” you will see as “eigene Aufnahmen” in Explorer.



Thats weird! It doenst show a dark frame in the gui. Also I started from the “neutral” preset and worked from there, so there should not be anything pre selected :thinking:

Edit: I deleted this from the file and now it seems to be working fine