RT 5.4 Performance optimizations?


If you want to test


uploaded at


I changed skin to TooWaBlue also. Seems to help indeed.

(Chris) #63

I was having issues with running the program and tried changing the editor mode in the preferences/general tab to Single Editor Tab Mode and Multi Editor tabs mode and it sped things up a lot for me. It is usable for me now. Not sure if I missed someone trying this above. I am new here and the program.


Hi Chris and welcome!

What kind of RAW files are you working with? Could it, for instance, be compressed RAFs from a Fuji?

Operating system, computer, CPU, RAM, &c?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Chris) #65

Thanks Claes,

I am working with DNG’s from Pentax.

I am using an older HP dv7 notebook with the following specs.

Windows 10
i7-2630QM @ 2.00 GHz (8 cpus)
16gb ram
intel HD 3000 and AMD 6770m switchable graphics (I have the program set to run with the 6770m)
SSD + HHD hard drives


Spontaneously, the CPU sounds being on the slow side.
Ping @Morgan_Hardwood: who might be our resident
Windows tuning expert?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Also: what version of RawTherapee, please?


(Ingo Weyrich) #68

The decoding of compressed Fuji RAF should be very fast because it’s one of the few raw decoders which is multithreaded (Sony ARW and floating point dng decoders are also multithreaded). Of course that’s only the case if the compressed raf is loaded from a fast storage medium like SSD. If the compressed raf is loaded from a slow hard disk or from a network drive, the multithreading of compressed raf decoding will have no positive influence on decoding speed.

From this statement it is not clear to me whether you changed from single to multi editor tabs mode or vice versa. Single Editor Tab Mode should be faster though.

(Gaetano La Corte) #69

To improve performance:
1- close each raw after editing,
2- do not launch conversion while editing,
3- do a batch conversion when a group of raws have been fixed, meantime do something else wiìth the PC or take a tea/cofee break,
4- try to disable noise reduction (which is seldom needed for most images taken with recent cameras).
5- more in general, disable everything you don’t need.