RT 5.4 problem druing saving cr2 file (EOS 77D)


(Foksiu) #1

Hello there, i would ask what can i do with issue:
I got RT v5.4, and i can open files propertly, even edit them as usual, but when i’m trying to save images (CTRL+B) there is message: “cannot load image” Things goes that way only from cr2 files (From my 77D). JPEGs, RAWs from my other camera Lumix works great.

Windows 7 X64

I cannot find proper answer on internet so i’m posting new topic here. Would be perfect if i got some feedback from you guys.
Sorry for my basic Englisch.


(Morgan Hardwood) #2


Please upload a sample image using https://filebin.net/

(Foksiu) #3

There “was” a problem with any cr2 file, not one sample.
Well, after restarting computer things went good. Unfortunetly i dont know what causes the problem. Its a second time it was happend.

Thank you very much Morgan_Hardwood for responding anyway!