RT 5.5 on Pi 3B+ possible (Raspbian)


Please nevermind my lack of experience and knowledge, but is there any way to install Rawtherapee 5.5 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running the current and fully updated version of Raspbian?

I have been using Rawtherapee 5.0 for a while now, but have no idea how to install version 5.5 - please help!

I did download the Appimage but trying to execute it (after changing permissions via chmod) only gives an error message.

Is there a way to get RT 5.5 running on my system?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Alex and welcome!

Although I can’t speak for Raspbian, compiling RT on it should be basically the same as on Debian.

Please report back how it turned out!


Hello Flössie!

Thanks a lot for the welcome and the recommendation!

I will give it a try tonight and report back.

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Had a bit of sparetime and gave the automatic way (as per the link given) a try - so, first update:

Getting the dependencies to install was no problem.

Starting the auto-compiling also worked out, but the procedure freezes 6% in (tried it numerous times now).

Will try the manual way later and keep you updated.


Yep. Freezing could be caused by too little RAM when compiling on all cores. If you take the manual way omit -j [NUMOFCORES] from the make command. It might take ages on the Pi but shouldn’t consume all the memory.

I’m really curious how this pans out…


You might try a bigger swapfile, like 2gb.

I’ve used RT on the pi, but it was with a 64bit OS running docker.

@Alex So, how did it work out?


Thank you both again very much!

I got it to install (5.6) using the automatic way after increasing the swapfile size @HIRAM (to the 2048 limit there seems to be?) - took very long, but I am stoked it worked out and I did not have to go the manual route.

All the best,

PS: tried the first few RAW conversion (XTrans files) - it is slow but does work without crashing so far!


@Alex I guess this one is from you. Very nice :+1:

Wow, I just visited the dpreview thread. You are indeed a brave person… :smiley:

I have scaled down my travel kit to my wife’s discard Surface 3, and I’m using my own software to do it. I’m working a RPi 3 into my kit, but really just for tethering and batch-processing proofs.

Is “travel” for you backpacking?


@heckflosse Ingo, good find! Yeah, that’s me. :wink: I have been using a setup like this @ggbutcher for my multi-dayhikes in the Alps for the last year now (offline and off-grid mostly), with RT 5.0 though which never really seemed to work on the Pi in a reliable way for me (mostly crashing when trying to save conversions of larger DNGs) - RT 5.6 works MUCH better, now that I got it to install! (thanks again to the great community here). With 5.0 it was more about the storage aspect in the end.

Glenn, I wish I had your expertise to try and pull off something similar! :slight_smile: Trying to get RT 5.6 onto my Pi pushed me beyond my personal limits allready though. :wink:

I had the set with me in Venice over the last days (without the Solar panel) and I find it to be a very useable (albeit slow on the processing end) travel solution too. Being a SigmaProPhoto “victim” ever since the SD10 came out helped develop a certain mindset when it comes to slooooow RAW conversion though. :slight_smile:



I just prepared repo of latest stable RT for Raspbian 9.0.
You can try and test it.
Go to

Click “Download package”, select Debian, then Raspbian.
Kind Regards


Hello Marcin!

Thanks a lot for taking the time! @MarcinBajor

I just tryed it on another 3B+ with Raspbian allready installed and running for a few months (with unchanged swap-file size), and it did crash trying to install (saying one of the packages could not be installed).

I will try with another clean install on another card later (first with the regular swap file, if needed with a manually maxed out swap file).

Thanks again and all the best,

Maybe the raspberry v4 with 4gb of ram will make things better.

Btw, is there an integrated benchmark in Raw Therapee?

not really, though in 5.6 you can activate measuring for some things

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