RT 5.9 on Mac Mini M1 + Ventura 13.2.1 - Initial feedback

First of all, thank you to the development team at RawTherapee for making the MacOS version available for download. My Mac Mini M1 is running Ventura 13.2.1. You may recall a few months a go, after upgrading from Monterey to the first version of Ventura, RT 5.8 stopped working for me - many of the modules became inactive and lens selection etc could not be clicked.
I managed to download RT 5.9 last night - and pleased to report that everything seems to be running well! All the functionality is back - and all the modules and selections are active again.
Some of the sliders - such as those on shadow control are slow to slide across - but I find if I just type in the value in the box - the setting changes straight away. I didn’t experience any crashes, or freezes. So far so good.
Thanks again team!

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