RT 5.9 RC1 binaries


AFAIK there is now a Release Client for RT 5.9 but the binaries are still only downloadable for people who have a github account.
Is this optimal for testing?

Best Anna

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I’m not sure what Morgan’s intentions were, but it is a bit curious… I’ll try to rattle the cage again.


meanwhile for everybody who is interested, here is RC1:

Again: only downloadable for those who have a github account.

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Thanks all went well with a first run (3166)

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My guess might be an oversight - IIRC haven’t there been a LOT of changes to the CI setup since 5.8? Were 5.8 RCs out of CI or manually generated?

As of now, build 3161 is available without an account.

We need 3166

Does it look like RT will mature into the real version 5.9 after all? That would be very nice, especially since I didn’t manage to compile it this time.
What do you think about the prospect of an official update in the foreseeable future?

It’s way more likely now than at any other time in the past 2 years.


Oh, that would be wonderful, a huge community would cheer.
But I don’t just want to cheer and say thank you when the new RT comes, I am also interested in helping. Only, unfortunately, I can’t program at all.
How can the thousands of fans of RT contribute to keep it going?
I’m sure many would be willing to do more than just hope.

I also cannot program (at least nowhere near the level required for RT), but I can use the nightly builds regularly and provide detailed bug reports when I find them.



I would like to do that, but how do I find them for Linux?

The link I posted above should have it

Thank you.
Is this the current version: 5.8-3161


André Gauthier just released 3165 for Windows. A big thank you to him!

As stated by @micha already, the latest commit in official RT git repo is 5.8-3161-g93aac4510.

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93aac45 19 days ago

git describe

As I see it, 3165 and 3166 are commits beyond official git repo, done locally by other developers and not yet committed to RT git branch dev.

3165 and 3166 are not the dev branch but the release 5.9 branch

Hello @betazoid

Thanks. I get it now. GitHub - Beep6581/RawTherapee at release-5.9


Relaying a message from Morgan: the binaries of the release candidate should become available on the website this weekend, if he gets the website toolchain to work again.


Well looks like it didn’t work so far