RT does not mount an external NAS (MAC)

Hi everybody,
just installed RT latest version and want to mount the external NAS were my photo directory is located (MAC with BigSure). Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, etc. have full access to the NAS files. Also with darktable I can get access to the NAS.
I got an error message: “Could not read the contend of (folder Name of photos on the NAS)”.
What I’m doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for your replays.

I hesitate to even reply since I’m no Mac expert, but just a general question or three…

  • Is RT packaged in a flatpak? If so, could it be flatpak sandbox / security that’s getting in the way?
  • Is RT running as the same user / group as the other apps that have access?
  • Maybe firewall permissions?
  • You didn’t mention the type of NAS, how the volume’s presented, etc. but on some devices depending on security you may need to allow specific apps explicitly.


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Have you tried the forum search utility
using words such as

mac rawtherapee nas

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Have you given RY disk permission to use the NAS folder?