RT Editor opens my .raw files with changes

(Antonis Kourtis) #1

At first sorry for my english.
I am a new user with RT.
I have edit and export (saved) my first raw picture in jpg. But now, every time if i open a new picture in the RT Editor, the picture is already edit like the first one. It seems that i have by mistake enabled and save a profile.
How can i open my .raw files in RT Editor without any changes?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Hello @tonio and welcome!

Check your RawTherapee’s preferences:


If you change “For raw photos” to Neutral, no changes will be made during import.

Also: do not be sorry for your English. I understand it perfectly. Ha, you should hear my Greek (if I guess your language correctly. In principle, it is limited to keftedes.)!

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


(Antonis Kourtis) #3

Do you know “keftedes”? :slight_smile:
Thank you for answer, “For raw photos” was “Neutral” but the problem exists.
For example.

IMG_1485.CR2 (27.3 MB)

in neither of them I have made any changes.
The first one have more color.



Good morning!

Please make this swift experiment:
Open IMG_1485.CR2 in RawTherapee.
go to Processing Profiles, select (Neutral).
Like this:

What happens?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


(Antonis Kourtis) #5

Ok I did it that way. As you can see it’s not like the original .CR2 file.



Welcome @tonio

It seems to be the CR2 file demosaiced without any additionnal processing.

As you cannot display a CR2 file without processing it (at least demosaicing it), what is the file you name original .CR2 file ? Is it the jpeg file out of Camera?

In this last case, you have to know that raw files ( here a . CR2 file) are internally heavily processed by camera SW in order to produce enticing Out Of Camera jpegs.

For more information you can read rawpedia and especially
Eek! My Raw Photo Looks Different than the Camera JPEG