RT sounds not working with appimage

I am using Rawtherapee 5.8 Appimage on Ubuntu 18.04.
The “sounds” emitted by RT after editor processing or queue processing are not working.

Here is what I checked :
The sound tab of preferences is enabled. I tried testing the default sound options like "window-attention’ on command line (canberra-gtk-play -i window-attention). They work. So probably nothing wrong with OS sounds. Also tested with diff values of cut off period in seconds. The “options” file being accessed is the correct one.

I remember that the sounds were working when I was using an earlier RT version from Ubuntu repository. Though had the same issue with RT (flatpak). So looks like some kind of integration issue between Ubuntu and the appimage.

Any suggestions?

I am also seeing this problem on Linux Mint 20.

When I use RawTherapee 5.8 installed from the repository, the sound works fine.

However the sound is not working when I use one of the development AppImage builds (e.g. tested today using RawTherapee_dev_5.8-2532-g26f3b5a_20201011.AppImage).

The settings in the [Sounds] section of ‘options’ files of both versions are identical.

Sound is working fine with other apps on the same PC.

RT has sounds?

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Yes, in the “Sounds” tab on the Preferences dialog, you can enable sounds which can be set for: ‘Queue processing done’ and ‘Editor processing done’ events.

I find the ‘Queue processing done’ sound quite useful.

This has recently changed: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/pull/5840
It is possible that the AppImage was built without libcanberra?