Save as TIFF on Big Sur not working

I just updated to Big Sur and 0.99.6, save as Tiff (all 3 bit depths) now result in a completely black tiff file.

Anyone else working with Big Sur?

Any help appreciated.

Otherwise not noticed any problems with Big Sur so far…


Just as an update - I reverted to 0.99.4 and it works fine there - so probably not a Big Sur problem.

Also tried 0.99.6 on Catalina and does not work there either.

So seems like an 0.99.6 problem?


This bug has been fixed.
However, I would advice to stay on 0.99.6. Save your image in another format.

Thanks - when do you think a version with this fix will be available?

Already available in our rep as a nightly build.

Where would I find the nightly builds (I could not find them in gitlab).


Everything is explained here: