saving to 16 bit tiff

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this is my first post so I hope it is categorized properly.
I have RT 5.5 and am using it for Pixel Shift processing of a RAW .DNG file. My issue is when I try to save it to a 16 bit TIFF file to a folder, for further editing in LR, LR cannot find it. when I go into the folder there is a file with a .dng.pp3 extension.
I have tried a save and added it to the queue, careful to select to the destination folder and 16bit TIFF… How do I get it to format correctly so I can continue in LR



Hi @ngrillot and welcome!

A few questions, to make sure that I have understood you correctly…

a) Are you on Windows of some sort, or a Mac of some sort, or some kind of Linux? Which?

b) Take a look into the folder where you found the pp3 - do you happen to have another folder in there, entitled converted? What do you find in that folder?

c) Why do further editing in LR? What does that give you that you cannot find in RawTherapee?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden



@ngrillot Welcome to the forum!

Like @Claes said, a bit more info about your situation would be helpful. There are a number of things that could be happening.

  • LR might need to refresh its folder view.
  • LR might not recognize that TIF file. (RT tries to be compliant but also tries cool things too :sunglasses:).
  • LR cannot read pp3 sidecars or RT only tags.

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Example for the queue:

The raw file is in c:\foo, the queue settings are this:

Then the tiff should be in c:\foo\converted when the queue processing is completed.


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Hello Claes,
in response-
a) Windows 10
b) I designated the same folder as the original RAW files, straight out of the camera
c) Familiarity. I can operate very quickly in LR with all functions except Pixel Shift conversion. I am sure I will eventually learn Raw Therapee.

I hope this helps.


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hello afre-
I understand your points and will continue to work with RT. It is very large and complex and many of the features are not so intuitive (for me)



Hi Neal,
I fear that you forgot to answer question (b):

Good hunting!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


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I do not understand the “template” as I was looking in the “save to folder” location


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the only files in the destination folder were the pp3 files. Could the issue be that the destination folder was the original folder with the original raw DNG files ?



a) See heckflosse’s reply, above.

b) Screen dump of YOUR Output Location setting, please.

c) Would you remember the filename of the (original) image you developed?
If so, use Win 10’s search facilities, replacing name.DNG to name.tif or perhaps name.tiff

d) Relax. We will find it. Sooner or later :slight_smile:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


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thank you Claes.
I can post up this evening EDT.



Here is how it ought to look:
Screen dump of three windows (Win 10, old RT)

Bottom window = my RT’s Use template setting

Mid window = the folder from where I opened the RAW file (DSCF2704.RAF).
As you can see, a new folder (converted) has been created.

Top window = My search for the eloped file (DSCF2704.tif)
as well as the search result, showing in which folder it has eloped to.

OK,so far?