Script files don't like blank lines

Hi, I’m new to Siril, but from what I have seen so far it’s a great bit of software.
I’m running on Windows. I have just written myself a little script file but it stops running when it reaches a blank line, so I have to put a “#” on all blank lines. Is this a bug or a feature?

Secondly, I’m trying out Siril with a view to trying some stellar photometry and intended to create super-pixels from the Bayer matrix, but this doesn’t appear to be an option in the Debayer interpolation pulldown menu. Is it no longer supported?

Hello. Original scripts have a lot of blank lines. That should not be an issue.

However there was a bug on windows we have fixed in dev version.

In the 0.99 branch we use a new debayer libraries: librtprocess. Therefore super pixel is not supported anymore.
However we can extract CFA channels if cfa channels are needed.

Just been through the manual and can’t find how to extract CFA channels, can you give me a pointer?

Image processing->Extraction->Split CFA channels

Thanks for your help.

Can I use extract CFA channels from a script. I have been able to do it manually, but when used in a script only seems to extract wavelet layers (what ever they are)

The list of commands is documented here: Siril:Commands - FreeAstro

extract is for wavelets indeed, see split_cfa or extract_Ha for channel extraction. In a development branch we have an extraction for the green channel with an average of the two pixels, but it’s not yet finished and in the development version.

Vincent, Thanks for the help, I did miss the split_cfa command in the commands document, just the ticket, Thanks for your help and time very much appreciated .