Scripts tab is missing

Hi all.

I’ve just recently started using SiriL. I processed a couple of images then had a problem with my Mac freezing up so I had to force quit SiriL.
On restarting the program I’ve noticed that the scripts drop down is missing. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling a couple of times but no luck. I’m not even sure where the scripts folder should be located to check if its there.
Does anyone know how I can resolve the issue?

Hi and welcome!
Can you tell us in which conditions it freezes? What is siril doing? Which version are you running?

I don’t know where scripts are with macs, but you’ll find the paths where siril searches them in the preferences.

And you just have to clear the path text field in preference and restart Siril.
It will take the default paths back.

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. I actually managed to fix this and I thought I would update here. I found the scripts folder and I tried updating the storage location in preferences but something had become corrupted and it just wouldn’t bring up the script tab.
I noticed when I was moving SiriL to the trash and reinstalling it was keeping some presets I had previously made. I searched for SiriL in my Macs library folder and deleted everything with a reference to SiriL. Then reinstalled. I now have my Scripts tab back.
I had to do a forced shutdown on my mac which caused the problem in the first place so nothing to do with SiriL itself.

Really liking the software. It works very well.