Scrolling the pictures


When I scroll the pictures using 2 fingers on the pad, it is VERY quick, in
fact too quick to my taste.
Is there a way to slow it down? I searched through the preferences but could
not find any option that would do that.

Thank You,
B. Roessli

Hi, welcome!, and sorry for the late reply :frowning:
I must admit I never use a touchpad, so I haven’t noticed any issues. However, I remember something similar was affecting rawtherapee at some point, and iirc it got fixed. I’ll see if that can be ported to art as well.

Hi Alberto, I don’t think it was ever really fixed…

Thanks for the pointer. I had this in mind:

but maybe the issue is different here? As I wrote, I never use the touchpad so I’m not really sure I know what is going on… :slight_smile:

hello @agriggio. in fact the speed of the scrolling by swiping with the touchpad is not configurable and is very fast

my swip is very light on my touchpad…

Thanks for the reply.
With Rawtherapee the speed of the scrolling is ok for me on my laptop and much
slower than in ART.

I ported the code from RT, it should work better now.

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Yes, it’s working perfectly now.
Thank you very much @agriggio

Yes now it is perfectly fine.
Thanks a lot !

Not only the scrolling of the images is much better, but also the zoom management with the touchpad is really improved. And maybe it’s this second point that is even more important for me !