See RAW and JPEG next to each other in darkroom


I am just wondering if there is a way to see both the RAW and JPEG next to each other, but only edit the raw, in the darkroom view

If you are only interested in recreating the jpeg look there is darktable-chart:

This option doesn’t exist as described by you, but you can use the snapshot facility to do what you want:

  • Load the JPEG and create a snapshot,
  • Go back to lighttable and load the accompanying RAW file,
  • The previously created snapshot is still available and can be activated,
  • The JPEG shows on the left of the divider, the RAW on the right and can be edited and compared without influencing the JPEG.

I do believe that this functionality, keeping the snapshot for as long as darktable is running, is intentional and made for situations like this.

darktable user manual: snapshots


That’s what I’d do. :slight_smile:

I too create a snapshot sometimes of the JPG to give me a baseline to exceed in my editing. I never try to match the JPG because if I like that look I just use the JPG. Snapshots are a brilliant feature in DT.