Selecting comparison stars for photometry

I am running Siril on macOS. I have been trying to follow the Photometry tutorial and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to select the comparison stars.

There is a picture in the Photometry tutorial showing 5 stars selected. They have different colored rings around them and are numbered.

How is this done (note, macOS doesn’t have a middle mouse button if the solution involves that)?

the middle mouse button is a convenience. You can still can draw a box around each reference star before hitting the “psf for the sequence” menu item (right click).



Ah, I see. This does work when working with a sequence. However, I was interested in differential photometry in a single image, not a sequence. But given this is designed primarily for a light curve over time, I can see why it would be restricted to a sequence.


You can do photometry for a single image too, with the quick photometry button.