Send to editor from browser


After editing all my images in RawTherapee, I would like to send them one by one from the browser to the external editor (GIMP) to edit them further.
Can this be done or do I have to open each image again to send it to the external editor?

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

If you want to do it without re-opening each picture in RT, then put all of them to the queue, save to uncompressed 16-bit TIFF, and do further processing in GIMP.


I understand that. I might not have explained properly. I would like to do it without this intermediate step since I often keep GIMP’s XCF files as the final image and only convert them to JPG, TIFF or whatever I need later on with a script.
With the options available in RawTherapee now, I either open each image again or batch convert to TIFF and later delete the TiFFs images I don’t need.
It would be nice if images could be sent directly from the browers to the external editor. Would this be to difficult to implement? Should I open a request on Github?

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

@vato don’t open a request. “Edit current image in external editor” also saves it to disk, to your temp folder, and leaves it there, since it cannot know what the external editor wants to do with it and for how long.

(nosle) #5

Open the raw files from gimp with your preferred raw editor configured as the raw handler.

This will launch the raw editor upon open and automatically bring the file into gimp when you’re done.