sensitivity of darktable slider controls to initial click

I find a consistent effect when first clicking on a slider control: the control moves slightly to the left. On a few images this has a dramatic effect which I sometimes find requires a lot of other ‘fiddling’ to recover. I suspect that this effect is mostly ‘user error’ (I have monocular vision only), but it does seem that I have to click within a pixel or two of the apex of the slider control ‘triangle’. Could that tolerance be relaxed a little in preferences - or perhaps as a command line option ?

Afaik, you don’t have to click on the sliders to select them, just hover over the slider and use mousewheel to adjust. Left click serves to make the slider jump to the value you clicked on (handy for large, coarse changes). For completeness: right click opens up a field where you can either make more precise corrections with the mouse, or type the exact value you want.

(EDIT: this works even with several modules open)


Ah, this is an example of what makes this ‘forum’ so valuable to me: I had totally missed learning this aspect of the interface: I was always dragging the control to adjust it.

Which, in my ham-fisted way has been the cause of the dramatic changes I referred to: for example, I have been in the habit of clicking on the ‘value’ field - for example the ‘x.xx EV’ field in the exposure module. This causes the exposure control to be moved to the extreme right, where this field is. And the reason I make this mistake is because my Windows configuration is configured for left hand mouse use, while the Mint config. is set for right hand mouse (so as to optimize the use of my desk!) . On the Windows configuration this causes no end of confusion between ‘left click’ and ‘right click’ - but, and I find this distinctly interesting, , this confusion happens ONLY in darktable. I have no difficulty is using the left hand mouse in any of the other 50 or so application sets I have on the windows machine.

Hi, I wanted to ask something similar for a while now and found it best to add to this question.

@rvietor using the mousewheel works, when using a mouse.

However, I am often using a graphics tablet for editing, where using the mousewheel is not possible.
Right clicking is also a bit cumbersome, since I need to hover the pen over the tablet in order to not left-click. This makes the selection not very precise for me.

Any chance that this could be addressed? Maybe a with a graphics tablet preset?

That is directly relevant to me too: I have an entirely practical tablet too but have stopped using it with darktable because it was just not sufficiently practical, for me personally.