Separate slider reset in G'MIC-GIMP possible?



Is it possible to make the individual sliders of G’MIC for GIMP resettable to their basic positions? Is this maybe already available?

For example: right-mouse-click-button on slider will reset individual slider button to its basic position.

Testing : Qt-based version of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP
(David Tschumperlé) #2

That’s not possible right now in the plug-in (I use pre-defined slider widgets, and have absolutely no idea on how to modify them). Maybe in the next “GAAP” architecture?

(paul matthijsse) #3

Hello @iarga,

The reset button in the G’MIC window (in Gimp) resets individual sliders to their basic positions. If you want other positions, set them and add the current filter to your favorites (with the + sign left under). After changing sliders, you can get back to your personal favs settings with the Reset button.

(Pat David) #4

I think he means each individual slider having its own reset (as opposed to all of the sliders).



That is correct, that is what I mean, thank you for clarification.