Share your pictures!

I have a personal website where I showcase some of my favourite photos:

I’m an amateur photographer, with some good technical understanding, but craving to get also some artistic and creative output, where I feel I lack.
I like best analog photography, but I do love digital capturing as well.
My website is divided into these 2 category and has a blog where I (used to) share some of my thoughts, mostly about random photography matters (I hope I’ll get to write there often again).

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Very nice idea @sketyl !
My web gallery:
My tools: Nikon D90 + Darktable + Gimp & GMIC
Thank you very much !
Fabrizio :grinning::wave:

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Great color processing. Cheers!

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I’ve found some interesting collections here. You can find my stuff at this fancy new thing called pixelfed:

or if you prefer full screen images you can find them at:


Hmm. Don’t know about Showcase or Critique? Maybe I should switch the default layout of the main page for a little while to expose some of these other categories we have? :slight_smile:

If anyone is curious, check out this view of the main page:


To add, here is a link to my collection, .
Virtually all processed in Rawtherapee, often exclusively.