Sharing groups (maybe ratings, maybe more?) between two computers


(Alexandre Franke) #1


I mainly use my desktop computer to process the raw files from my photo shoots, but sometimes if I’m traveling for a few days and want to get a head start I’ll first move the files from the SD card to my laptop where I do a first pass (reject, lens correction, crop… quick triage, nothing related to color or exposure since the laptop screen is bad). Then once I’m home I move the raw and XMP files to the desktop and pick up the work from there. Sidecar files work great for this. Now the problem is that during the first pass I sometimes use the grouping feature to make browsing through the whole set more manageable. As far as I understand, groups are stored in the database and thus are not transferable. Can someone please tell me that I’m wrong about this and explain how I can bring them from one computer to the next? :slight_smile:

(Pat David) #2

Yikes. I’m not sure that you’re wrong, but I defer to those more knowledgeable than I. Maybe @paperdigits or even @houz might know quickly.