Showing our best photos not off base?

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This forum seems to be mostly about asking and answering difficult technical questions with a few time-out diversions for PLAY_RAW challenges and fun. I come here frequently because I learn more here than any other web destination I can think of.

Is it off base to also display our best (highly amateur) photos? Or is this only a question-and-answer forum?

This is a young White-faced Ibis, Southwest Montana USA. 150-600mm Tamron zoom with mid-day sun behind me. There was no wind that day so the surface of the background water was smooth.

geeqie->rawtherapee->gimp is my Linux workflow. I have my own files-based way of tagging important images so I can find them when I need to, and so I can match finished jpegs to the RAW images they came from.

(Alberto) #2


I can only speak for myself, but posts like yours are very welcome for me!
(and I say this despite my – mild – phobia for birds :wink:

(Mica) #3

Absolutely not! I wish more people (myself included) would share photographs. I wish we didn’t skew so heavily towards the technical, but also included some things about art. We have both the Critique and Showcase categories for sharing work. Critique means you want critical (but constructive) feeback. Showcase is just for sharing without feedback.



@pittendrigh Thanks for sharing.

I agree that we can be overly technical and miss the finer things in photography. I often try to comment in highly technical threads in a highly non-technical manner to dial things back. Not sure people appreciate that. :smile_cat:

@agriggio I have volunteered at a wildlife hospital before and I can say that, while the songbirds are lovely and fragile, the larger birds are beastly and dangerous up close. Have you ever seen The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock?



Yes, I have seen that movie.
Hitchcock was skilled.

But there is also another interpretation of ‘birds’,
at least to one who was brought up on 1960s
British literature…

Ornitologist = a fellow bird watcher?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Very nice, sharp picture. I too would like to see more “showcase” type photos. I’d like to see what fellow forum members are up to.

For me, I usually take my best pictures and will use them as a “Play Raw” entry, because for my best shots, I want to put more time and effort into processing them. So when I make a “Play Raw,” I am basically looking for ideas on how to treat the picture in post processing as well as learning more about the processing software.

Sounds like I should put more effort into posting finished pix here because the folks here are so helpful and they don’t often get to see the results of all the work they put into writing the software, supporting the software, answering my basic questions, etc… I think I just talked myself into starting a new thread and showing some stuff I have made.

(Martin Scharnke) #7

The instance of sharing our work just for sharing, (a la showcase) is - especially now with changes at flickr - supportive of the argument at having a as discussed here

(Rick Scheibner) #8

I think it’s totally ok to just share your work, even if it’s just something you were messing around with. Personally, every photo is a chance to learn and grow as a photographer, whether that photo is my own or somebody else’s.