Sigma DP1 and SD Quattro files

Thanks all for the latest revision of RT.

I tried opening a .x3f file from my DP1, it opens fine, but with a very strange color cast.
Please see attached (first is RT second SPP)

SD Quattro files are still not supported, any chance they will be?

Are you sure? To me the first one has less color cast. Well, I don’t know how it looked there, but the greens in the SPP processing look a bit too strong…


The 1st is from SIGMA Photo Pro 6.6.1, the second has no metadata.

  • Upload the raw + PP3 . Make your raw and PP3 files available to us by uploading them to a file sharing service such as if your bug involves a particular raw file, a particular setting, or lack of support for your raw file.

FYI, the radial colour cast on the RT image is due to the sensor design Sigma uses. Steeper ray angles from the lens absorb into the sensor at different depths, leading to discolouration on the corners. The Sigma software does a lot of behind-the-scenes processing to the image to make it look presentable. In Raw Therapee, this should be correctable wit flat field images.

Correction the first is spp the second is rt