Silhouetted seagull

Another image I thought was worth sharing. Third (and final) sunset picture from Croatia I’ll be posting.

Taken with an Industar 61 L/Z lens.

Processed with experimantal program with a pretty high saturation factor. (currently realising how much more work this program still needs…)

Just for fun, here’s the image processed without considering HKE and using Luv instead of Jzazbz for saturation:

Looks much worse imo.

DSC09067.ARW (23.6 MB)

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DT 3.7

_DSC09067.ARW.xmp (12.0 KB)

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DSC09067.ARW.xmp (11.1 KB)

dt 3.6.1
Beautiful shot!

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DSC09067.ARW.xmp (26.0 KB)

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The difference is subtle but certainly noticeable, and I agree that the first is nicer. Do you have more technical details on what you did? Thanks!

Basically I use jzazbz for saturating/desaturation pixels. It creates better hues as it’s perceptually hue linear, that’s why the hues look so different in the shots, as they’ve had a lot of saturation added.

Another thing I’m trying out for applying the highlight compression curve is a luminance space distorted using Nayatani Simple Estimation Methods for HKE, in an attempt to better represent brightness. It seems to improve plain coloured shots but there’s issues with bright colours like reds, so I don’t recommend it at all. HKE should be considered, not differently to this.

silhouetted.seagull.pp3 (22.1 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development

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DSC09067.pfi (26.9 KB)


My quick edit attempt in GIMP 2.10.24_nUFraw_Mantiuk 2006 and correction in the LAB space

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DSC09067.ARW.xmp (10.1 KB)

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I see more posts of you and your experimental program. It makes me very curious. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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