Siril 1.0.0-rc2 Crashing After Sequence Change

Windows 11

When following the Manual preprocessing tutorial every time I change the sequence Siril crashes and closes. I do not loose any work, but keeps crashing when I change the sequence. Whine Siril automatically changes the sequences after preprocessing or registering (pp_ and r_) Siril does not crash. I tried to grab logs but after restart of Siril the logs are blank. I can reproduce, but how do I save the logs? Is there a debug mode?
siril_config.txt (2.1 KB)

Hello, you can redirect the output log into a file.

Just to be sure, what kind of file do you have inside your folder?

The fits and seq files are the only files in the folder.
I will try the redirect to a file.

Here is the log I was able to capture. It abruptly ends when I change the sequence. I noticed the sequence scripts gets stuck at the “closing sequence”
siril.txt (4.1 KB)

I tested with Siril in administrator mode and non admin mode and it crashes the same.

First line of the file:
Welcome to siril v1.0.0-rc1

That was easy.

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Oh yes. Update Siril

Sorry I missed that important detail. :man_facepalming: