Siril convert command

I’m trying to completely automate the data reduction procedure (python code) for speckle imaging by using the pysiril wrapper in my routine but it looks like the command doesn’t find the ser files in the working directory, as it was not a right format for Siril.
For my procedure I’d just like Siril to ‘unpack’ the recorded fits files in the ser one, and it seems working fine when you drag and drop it and convert the ser files ‘by hand’ but unfortunately not when using the convert command in a python script…
Any suggestion?.. thanks
(Siril version 1.0.2 on macOS Big Sur 11.5.2)

Hi and welcome!
What command are you trying to run? You want to convert fits files to SER? The convert command should work for that.

If it’s ser you are trying to unpack as multiple fits, convert command won’t work (for some reason we can’t recollect :slight_smile: )
Still, as you are looking for a python solution, here-attached small bits and pieces that I had written a while back which you could reuse to achieve that. Just couple it to module and you can export fits as you like. Or just pass the data to the rest of your processing pipeline. I’m afraid my code is not very much commented but nothing fancy, so shouldn’t be a problem. (2.1 KB)



I was trying to run the ‘convert’ command to convert ser to fits…
thank you anyway!

Thank you so much for let me know about convert command : )
You are so kind, I’ll try to get the best from your code! :slight_smile: