Siril image result problem

Hi Guys,
Yestrday I tried for the first time “Siril”
I like more this software…
I used the script in this link:…s/tuto-scripts/
I used:
61 x 120 sec light
15 x 120 sec dark
40 x 0.3 sec flat
40 x 0.3 sec Flat dark (I have inser it in the biases folder)
The captures are done with Hypercam 294 c
the final result image Is black, while the same files stacked in DSS give me a good final image
Can someone help me?

What do you call black.
Did you read that?

Can you give stats of your image?

Thanks for your reply,
Even if I use stretch my image remains black.
Later, i will send you my image
if you can help me I will be grateful

I think I have solved
maybe yesterday I was doing something wrong
Now, if i zoom the photo i see a kind of dithering