Siril is crashing in spite off game laptop


My laptop has 16gb memeory and diskspace left about 950, still it is crashing.
On my old Imac it is working well.

Somebody anay idea what is happening and what is the solution?

Thanks in advance

Jan Folbert

Hello, most often, crashes do not depend on the computer used.
If you want help, you will need to give more information about what you are doing when this happens, what kind of image, provide error messages and so on.

And what version of Siril do you use? From provided bundle? From hombrew?

No idea. Think from siril.

I try to proces flats bias darks and lights. The process stops after stacking flats and bias without error message. It stops siril and closes siril.

Knowing the version would be helpful.

To get version info, just click the “options” menu (3 horizontal lines stacked) close to the upper right corner, then click “About Siril”

In the title bar you have the version.
And on your screenshot I see you use on old 1.0.3 version you should update :slight_smile:

Thank you I didn’t even look there, being a “creature of bad habits” I have become used to looking for it from an “about …” dialogue, which is often inside the “help” menu.

I see WinJUPOS and are using this same logical convention also, I have many open source apps I use for astro and none of the others yet. Gimp shows the name of the active file/project in the title bar.