SIRIL is crashing while SUM stacking (latest developer)


i’m using SIRIL quite often. DSO stacking works fine, even with 600 frames.

I tried SUM stacking with 270 frames (startrails). SIRIL crashes every time while doing the final Pixel Max Stack.

Linux Mint 19.04 (latest)
Enough free HD space
No other programs are used while siril is running

I played around with the Threads and Ram settings, nothing helps.

And finally, i tried sirilic for the first time (V1.08)… i can’t link to the siril executable. The Script is created, but i not able to start them, because there is no executable.

Greetings and good work👍


hi, could you start siril in a terminal and show us the log that leads to the crash? Or start it with siril > ~/crash.log 2>&1 to redirect the output to the file.
Do you have swap activated?

About sirilic for the newest siril version, I’m not sure how to get it now, somebody else will have to answer.