Siril output normalisation?

Hi there, I’m very much a newcomer to AP in general and learning the basics with Siril which I’m really enjoying :slight_smile: But I have a question- in the stacking tab there’s a little tick box for output normalisation but I can’t find any information about what it does apart from the mouse-over warning not to use it for “master stacking”.

When would it be beneficial to use this and why? Does it improve or degrade the data? And when it says “master stacking” is that meaning master darks and biases (not flats?)?

That normalizes the output to the max value. In other words that stretches the image a bit.

Hi Lock042, thanks for that but when and when not would you want that? Am i right in thinking that the photometric colour calibration should automatically adjust levels to get the correct balance between layers? And if i’ve used same exposures for all colours, would normalising their outputs lead to inaccuracy of the image? Maybe accuracy isn’t really important in AP if all you want is a good looking image? Sorry this is all pretty new to me and a lot to understand