Siril - Siril 0.99.8 (1.0.0 beta3 testing)

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Thanks for this new beta version guys. I need to report a blurry interface on Mac BigSur, pretty much like apps that are not compatible with retina display. Version 0.99.6 worked fine at this respect.

This is sadly “wanted”.
The only way I found to get Siril working on all macOS platform.

Just to announce that we have released a version that fix the crash with ASIAIR images.

hi! i’ve been using siril on linux (Ubuntu) for a while and now trying the new version 0.99.8-1. i woud like to report a problem i encountered.
i set in the preference “image gamma correction” to “sRGB” and exit.
next time i start up siril, and find the setting is “Linear”.
i checked siril.config and found the parameter gam_0 and gam_1 written as 2.4 and 12.92 respectively.
so, the config file is correctly saved but maybe it is not read at the startup.

OK thx. I will fix that. I never use these options (not very useful in fact) so I missed that.

I should have fix the issue now

Hi there! I left a comment under your YouTube video, but I will duplicate it here: There are some wishes here. First one is please disable the window management on elements/buttons. It offtenly happens that the window changes its size when clicking buttons or other elements on top panel and it really bothers. Secondary - I have not found how to change the working directory path. In earlier versions there was a button for it. Please put it back. And one more: fix the window minimizing by clicking on a task bar. Thaks a lot for your work!

P.S. I faced a problem with program crash in photometric color calibration when choosing an object from the search results.

P.P.S. All problems that I have described are on a Windows version

Hi, if you know how to do it, please do it, we don’t use Windows.

The button with the home icon at the top left will allow you to change the working directory.

It would be nice to have a better description of “an object from the search result” to be able to fix the bug, does it happen all the time, can you share the image and the name of the object you selected?


It would be nice to take a look at our new tutorials on the website.


Oh thanks for the hint! About search results: it occures only in one case when I searching Lyra and then clicking on it in the table below.

Thanks in advice. I surely will.