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I installed the win64 version on my main PC, win11 pro. I have a sudden death after processing a few images. It does not appear to be related to the images being processed, but rather the amount of data processed since I start the app. When the sudden death happens, usually after going back to convert, removing previous files, adding new ones for the next sequence. There are no specific action that triggers the problem.
Being unsure if this is an install problem, I installed rc1 on my laptop, started processing some files, and after the 2nd or 3rd set of files, same sudden death,
Is there a method to recuperate a log file of the last event before the crash ? When I get a sudden death, everything disappears including the console.

If I am posting this to the wrong place, please tell me where I should



This is sadly a bug we found after the release.
We’ve fixed it in dev version yet.
It will be available in a rc2 version.

Merci Cyril