Siril ver 0.9.12 Comet registration-stacking fails

Hello. I have this version on my iMac running El Capitan (10.11).
Siril cannot register and stack comet images from tiff files.
It seems that Siril can only use fits format files to stack comet images.
I read the tutorial and it got to the stacking phase, but gave an error that it could not read the time/date from the headers.
Is there any way to get Siril to register and stack comet images that are not fits format? Maybe someone can look into the method/code the Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) uses for comet registration (can do tiff files) and stacking.
DSS is a Windows app and I prefer using native Mac apps.

Yes it is intended that Siril don’t work with TIFF. TIFF are not for astronomical purposes.
It contains probably some TIME exif but it is not as standard as the one used in the FITS file.
In FITS file you have the DATE-OBS field.

Why don’t you use FITS file? This is clearly better. I don’t understand why you have to deal with TIFF.

Hi again lock042.
You are correct, and maybe it is time for me to switch to fits images.
In Siril, when I did try fits images previously, there were )are) two things I am not clear on.

  1. Does Siril need to convert the fits files I load, to create the sequence, is there a more direct jump, to a sequence, without the fits to fits conversion?
  2. In order to get Siril to properly debayer the fits images, and produce the correct colors, in the Control center, do I check the “Debayer” and “Keep Three Channels” boxes?
  1. Yes, just rename your FITS file to match the following pattern: basename### where ### is the number of the image. It will automatically detect a sequence.
  2. I think you want to make a preprocessing before? If yes go to the right tab. If not so you have to convert your first sequence to a color one by checking debayer in the conversion tab. “Keep Three Channels” does nothing with debayer.