Siril's video tutorials


In order to provide English-speaking users with the best possible quality videos, we need your help.
Indeed, I have a very bad accent and it is important that the explanations given are perfectly understandable by the greatest number of people.

No need to have knowledge of astrophotography, nor to know the Siril software. I will provide the text to be read and recorded. The duration of this recording will generally not exceed 5 minutes, the objective being to produce videos of less than 10 minutes.
The recording will be done in one go, then I will cut the audio file after each sentence and synchronize it with the video I will have prepared.

We are therefore looking for one or more people, male or female, to help us produce all the video tutorials that will be published on our YouTube channel.

This could be the opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about astrophotography image processing to discover the use of the Siril software.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Clear skies,



I’m willing to help, but my time is slightly limited and we’d have to coordinate a little so I have time to setup and plan. Around how many videos are you considering?

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I can also help, but my voice is not nearly as nice as @patdavid’s.

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Thank you for your response.

Like you, my time is limited. Until now, we have had a Moodle server, with over 2500 registered users, to help new and experienced users. But Cyril and Vincent are developing the Siril software so fast that I can’t build new courses fast enough anymore.

At the same time I also completely restructure the documentation (the English part is not up to date), to turn it into procedural documentation and not technical documentation, it’s no longer the functions, but how you use them that is documented.
I hope to have completed this project before the release of version 1.

So in order to help the users as much as possible and to limit the time spent on this task, after having done some production metrics, the realization of very short video tutorials is the least time-consuming solution. I also have the constraint to produce simultaneously an English and a French version of both the documentation and the videos. As far as the documentation is concerned, it’s very simple to do, but the videos remain.
The initial effort is quite important, because Siril is a software with many features.
The production of a ten minutes video requires between 5 and 10 hours of work, I will be able to reduce this time very soon by optimizing my process.
On the other hand, the sound part is the least time-consuming, in fact, it is a matter of reading and recording a single mp3 file of about 5 minutes. Indeed, I limit the script to about 800 words because the reading rate to be perfectly understandable is about 150 to 180 words spoken per minute. And this also corresponds to the smallest reusable element (procedures), it will indeed be very easy to assemble them afterwards to obtain a process for example: processing a series of raw images.

I will try to deliver 1 or 2 videos per week, maybe more depending on my available time.

No need to establish a strict schedule, I can for example send you the script of a video, which you will record according to your availability. Because each video is independent of the others, this offers great flexibility and we can have several in production simultaneously. The first finished video in the queue will be the first to be broadcast.

This also makes it possible to associate any volunteer and to easily distribute the workload according to the availability of each person.

Moreover, I always have the possibility to use the TTS and to update the video later.

If you agree, I propose to send you both a script as soon as I have written them via the site’s messaging system.

One last thing, it’s easier when you have a heavy workload to split it into small tasks that can easily be shared between several people and to limit “contractually” the contribution of each person to for example a maximum of 5 scripts to read and record so that it remains fun and not become a constraint.

I hope that this way of proceeding will encourage other people to do the same.

Clear Skies,



Sounds good!

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Let’s go.

I sent the first script to @patdavid , I’ll send the second to @paperdigits as soon as I finish it.

Thanks again for your help.

Clear skies,


I was just thinking you guys could use some readers and then I saw this thread. You might be able to just post your scripts to be read so folks could submit audio as they find them. Putting each sentence on its own line might help readers give you good break points.

I may even have a go myself if I can manage to read into a mic, as I’m more comfortable behind the mic than I am in front of it.

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Yeah, that’s a good idea.
I could copy the scripts here, even if they will be present in the documentation in the near future.

Don’t worry, I have a lot of experience expressing myself in public, it’s very easy for me.
But standing in front of a microphone and recording yourself is not so easy. Lol I hate it :wink: