Skull icon in Lightable not shown in all zoomlevels

When I remove a image in my filebrowser instead of removing this image in lightabel a skull icon should appear instead of the image. This icon does appear, but not on all zoomlevels of the thumbnail. Is there a way to fix this?

If you’re on Linux, you can close darktable and run darktable-generate-cache but in general if you want to remove a file and have DT know about it, do it from with in DT itself, on the light table using the Selected Images module on the right hand side.

I’m working on making a workshop and try to show what happens when you remove an image outside of darktable. Only when I zoom in and out on the thumbnails the skull icon is shown. But running the cache command did not change it.

You can delete the cache then run the command

That worked. Thank you for this solution.

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