Slightly OT... Need a HD slideshow maker

Hi all,

Can anyone suggest a good, easy to use app which will allow me to create a slidershow of images?

It would need to…

  • Respect the image ratio of the images (ie: not crop the image to suit the aspect 16:9 of the video)
  • be able to run on Ubuntu (.deb)
  • have a GUI
  • use a fade out, fade in transition.

I used to use ffDiaporama, but that’s not supported in Xenial (dependancy hell). The closest I can get is 4K slideshow, but not only is that proprietry, it also doesn’t respect the image ratio of my pics.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Do you need to export it as a movie? Do you want to manually advance the slides?

I have used, which uses html5. I have used it for the presentation here: Presentations/Intro_to_foss_photography at master · pixlsus/Presentations · GitHub

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Thanks @paperdigits, though my plan was to make a mp4 or maybe high res webm (or such) video then build around it using OpenShot. I could then send it as a promotional, or upload it to Youtube for public viewing.

Sorted. Imagination3, from the repos seems to do the trick. Thanks!

EDIT: Nope, it’s junk too. Rendering was crap.

I can see I’m going to have to install LM17.3 inside VirtualBox using LM18 as a host. I used to use ffDiaporama, which worked fine in 17.3, but the repos haven’t been updated to Xenial (LM18). I can get a deb for 14.04, but won’t install due to depenency issues.

Blender and the VSE should do the trick, right? Full-quality rendering of the highest caliber in multiple formats (video w/ multiple codecs - FFV1 for lossless, or image sequences). Titling. Various fade/wipe options. Image aspect ratios maintained as you want, arbitrary output size (4k? No problem!).

  • Respect image AR? Check.
  • Run on Ubuntu? Check.
  • GUI? Check.
  • Fades/transitions? Check.
  • Mile high learning curve? Double-check!
    Ok, only sort of kidding about this.

I’d be happy to help work up a walkthrough/workflow for what you want to do (later this week). We can do it in chunks if needed…

On that same note, I just spend the weekend at Texas Linux Fest here in Austin, and got to hang out with the creator of OpenShot for a while. He’s gotten that project quite far along - maybe it would be worth looking into also? Might be less frustrating/complex than Blender…

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OpenShot has an AppImage available, so it should be pretty painless to try it out!

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@patdavid I just wanted to post that. It’s absolute überkill but it will do the job. :smile: Just be sure to use the ‘3d view’ for creating the slideshow and not the video sequence editor. At least when I last tried it resulted in a quite jerky transition.

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Thanks Pat, that would be awesome!

Yup! IMO, Blender is probably the best tool for this, and pretty much any other videoesque job you want to pull off in Linux these days! I love the hell out if it. Check out a YouTube channel by MikeyCal Meyers for some great tutorials on how to do video in Blender:

Just a heads up @Fotonut that I’ve pushed a writeup over on this post for you. :slight_smile: