Slow Saves in Windows 10



I’m new to RT, so I’m not sure if what I am experiencing is a problem.

Saving a processed RAW to a JPEG or TIFF is taking about 90 seconds. During that time processor usage is running at 100%, as is RAM. It isn’t pretty… the mouse icon is frozen and RT sometimes disappears from the desktop for a moment.

I’m running RT version 5.3 64-bit on a Dell Desktop with an Intel 5 processor and 4G RAM. No other programs running in the background - RT is hogging all the resources for most of that 90 seconds.

Is this normal?

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #2

In this time frame the processing takes place … before that it is not fully processed.

(Morgan Hardwood) #3


That question cannot be answered without seeing a sample raw file + PP3.

Download this image, apply the “Neutral” profile, and save. How long does it take?

(Ingo Weyrich) #4

depending on the raw files you process and the tools in rt to process the files, 4GB RAM may be not enough to avoid swap to disk…

But, as Morgan already wrorte, without an example file we won’t be able to answer your question.



Thanks. I’ll give it a go tomorrow and report back…


Hi Morgan,

Well, that was a totally different experience. I downloaded the file, and it opened in RT pretty quickly. I applied the Neutral profile and saved the image. The processing took a couple of seconds, and there was no abnormal disk usage.

With the file I had problems with, I followed the ‘basic’ editing steps outlined in the RT introduction - adjusting WB, colour, sharpness and cropping. I suspect that file might have been bigger than the 10MB you shared, or my changes were too big for my 4GB RAM to deal with without resorting to the swap file (as heckflosse suggests). If its the latter, I guess that means more RAM is in order.

Does anyone know if 4GB RAM is now considered insufficient for basic editing in RT?

Thanks for your help.


Got it, thanks.

(Morgan Hardwood) #8

4GB with Windows 10 is insufficient for checking email, so to speak ;]


Right… time to go shopping then.