small bug on the metadata

Morning, everyone,
small bug on the metadata:
I noticed two problems:
1 - When I export a raw file (Nef) in jpg, the notation is no longer present in the metadata of the jpg file. I manage my metadata with Digikam upstream of the export to do it only once. All other metadata looks like it is properly exported (title, description, copyright, keywords, color labels, …) read from Digikam.

2 - On the other hand, I noticed that the exported metadata are quite corrupted when read with some software. They don’t seem to see some of them such as keywords, color labels, titles, descriptions, either they appear truncated or not at all. I tested for example with View NX-i and Xnview MP. If I reassign the metadata with Digikam, the data is again properly accessible in View NX-I. It is only after the export to art that there seems to be a “corruption” of the data.

please share a nef + arp that shows the problem. Metadata are a pain in the back, so more details are needed to pinpoint the problem. Also, if possible can you use the issue tracker at ? Thanks!

Don’t worry, I’ll transfer to Bitbucket and think about it in the future.

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