Snowdonia, Wales.

I used Rawtherapee for this, taken on my first outing with the Sony A7III.

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.
DSC01074.ARW (46.9 MB) DSC01074.ARW.pp3 (11.8 KB)


Only RT:

DSC01074.ARW.pp3 (12.6 KB)


Darktable 3.0.0

B/N Rawtherapee 5.7


darktable 3.0

DSC01074.ARW.xmp (10.7 KB)


Great landscape - but difficult to edit.

DSC01074.ARW.xmp (17.0 KB)

Edit: and here this edit in b/w

DSC01074.ARW.xmp (19.2 KB)

@josemar127 While I do think this image deserves the HDR™ treatmeant, the clipped highlights to the left ruin it for me. Otherwise, good job.

On first sight I thought the picture must look great in colour, but it is really tricky for me to get a usable result! To my taste, @josemar127 has the best colour version so far.
My try using RT:

DSC01074_RT-5.jpg.out.pp3 (36.3 KB)

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Yes, it wasn’t a perfect exposure. It was getting late and was a shot I grabbed before heading back down to the track below, was pretty much pitch black by the time we got down.
Both highlights and shadows are slightly clipped, probably would have been better to clip the shadows a little more and keep the highlights.

Some really nice versions!

Warts and all. :crab:

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with dt3
DSC01074.ARW.xmp (88.4 KB)


Thanks for the play, it was fun! I tried to go for a lord of the rings look (though the weather was probably too nice for that :stuck_out_tongue:) …

DSC01074.ARW.arp (12.7 KB)


Did a Gimpification of my RT based image from my first post.
Used blue and red component masks to add contrast to the respective areas, then some dodging & burning:

@Thomas_Do: Your colors are crazy, but in a good way…reminds me of 70s SciFi paintings. :slight_smile:



DSC01074.pfi (30.7 KB)


You are right. With play raws I like to experiment and try to do edits that are in some way “different”. But with respekt to colors, @afre was much more “crazy” and did a @Joan_Rake1 stil image.

Well, you’ve only gone and summoned me. Let’s have a go!

So for the first one I used the dreamy abstraction G’MIC script (default settings) on a copy of the greyscaled one at the top of the thread and used difference blending to get this. A bit of adjustment with curves and done. The second one involves the neon script (also default settings) on top of all that and then much edgier curves.


↑ Thanks for putting afre_edge to good use.

Now for a subtle minimalist rendition. Zoom 100% and enjoy!
Edit Might add to this workflow later.

1 RT demosaicing (RCD+VNG4), correction (CA, lens), sharpening (capture), exposure (HL blend, -1EV), linear float

2 gmic clip (-ves), gamma, contrast (FFT), sharpen (test), resize, log2, softlight (luminance, orientation)


Version 2 :sunny: Additional steps in bold. Zoom 100% and enjoy!

1 RT same as previous post.

2 gmic clip (-ves), gamma, local contrast (test), contrast (FFT), sharpen (test), resize, log2, softlight (luminance, orientation), gamma, brighten (curve), blend (CLUT dark blues in sunlight)

DSC01074.ARW.xmp (12.8 KB, dt3.1)

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DSC01074-1.jpg.out.pp3 (11.4 KB)

Lovely scene, thanks…

Snowdonia.ARW.arp (31.8 KB)