softproofing investigation

(Gabriele ) #1

Hi all,
I’m investigating sotproofing with last git code but I think there’s a bug…
I work in Prophoto as working profile,set the monitor profile and printer not set , after I unckeck the softproof button and set the "out of gamut " (I would have to see what is out of gamut respect of my monitor profile) button and I bring the saturation at the extreme some cyan pixels are displayed. When I deselect the button of out of gamut the cyan pixels do not disappare …
I’m wrong or there is a bug??

This strange behaviour is in 5.4-921-gc34bd3176 and works in 5.4-906-g52644cd7f…it seems as the button press doesn’t reset nothing… the same for the working profile button for histogram at the top (the histogram changes only one time…and it doesn’t reset at all)

PS . I investigated and I think this is from here @heckflosse

(Ingo Weyrich) #2

Thanks for reporting. Fixed in


Well done, @dafrasaga! How did you manage to find the culprit?

Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Gabriele ) #4

Hi Claes,
I compiled backward every commit until it worked…:wink:
and it was when Ingo made the modify.



Not to hijack your question, but what i would do is bring up the comparison between the two builds, like:
There’s only 15 commits to sift through, most not related to the functionalities in question. Of the remainder you may bisect to pinpoint which commit breaks the functionality. In bisection, you pick the middle suspect, compile and test. There you may eliminate either the former or latter bifurcation. If it’s broken the problem commit is either that exact commit or earlier, therefor eliminating the latter group. If it works, then vise versa. Reiterate bisection to pinpoint when in time down to the commit did the functionality break so the devs can do the dev thing.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

Well done @dafrasaga

Read about “git bisect”, it makes the process easier:

(Gabriele ) #7

Hi Morgan,
thanks for the tip :wink: I’ll try to study it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Gabriele ) #8

Many thanks :wink: now it seems to work :grinning: