Softproofing not working

I am on Mac studio M2 (ventura)
I have all my ICC profiles in home/myname/.config/darktable/color/out
Display profile is on system.
I check everything and anyhow softproof is not working and I don’t find why.
If someone has an idea…

Thank you. It’s true histogram is changing but not the preview…
In this case what is the best way for printing and be sure to have the right colors?

Hard to say. I think it has been reported but I have tried a few icc files just to see if it was a consistent thing and enabling softproofing causes DT to crash… I think this has been reported… I will have to confirm that… even if it was functioning I think there is no getting around some test prints to get the settings just right…

Thank you; I don’t print at home but on line so I’ll try to find a solution. I use Darktable since one year and I like the software very much. Have a nice day.