[Solved] Best practices for upgrading to latest builds (Windows)

Since the last couple of pre-release builds I’ve tried, I’ve noticed the thumbnails are taking a lot longer to load (on previously scanned folders) and my disk drive gets busy for about 15 minutes, slowing down my PCs performance considerably.
I’ve also noticed strange star ratings appearing on some thumbnails even though I’ve never rated them.

I’m assuming this is probably cache related or something similar, so just wanted to check what the best practices are for trying out pre-release builds and ensuring optimal performance.


does this happen every time, or only the first time you open a folder? I mean, if you open a folder and it’s slow, restart art and open it again, is it still slow?

that’s because now art pick up ratings also from exif metadata. the slowdown might be related to this, but I’ll need a bit more info to nail it down

Yes, it’s slow each time. It’s different from opening a folder for the first time, which I expect to be slow the first time.

Let me know what you need and if you want me to submit an issue on Bitbucket. I was assuming it wasn’t a bug but rather something I wasn’t doing, which is why I raised it here.

There was indeed a performance problem, ratings were not loaded from the cache. It should be fixed now.