[solved] darktable (git install) database is too new

I am running Debian stable version 4.9.0-9-amd64. Installed daktable from git. When I run it, it comes back with this error

database version of `/home/shum/.config/darktable/data.db’ is too new for this build of darktable. aborting

Anything I can do other than installing Debian Testing version?

How did you install darktable. I assume 4.9 is your kernel version?

It is not an error.

Looks like you had a previous install of Darktable, if you reinstalled from git then most likely the existing darktable’s database is incompatible with the new darktable version. Install the same version you had previously or just accept and let darktable to upgrade the existing database.

Thanks. I deleted existing darktable and started again download git,etc. After install, I have version 2.6.0. Very strange. Should be 2.7.x or newer. Any chance that the label 2.6.0 is wrong and not updated? Are there any items I can check to show it is in 2.7 only?

I believe with V2.7 I can search modules, but this new install is definitely 2.6.0 since I cannot search for modules.
I followed the install instructions (using the /.build.sh) as in the past, so do not know what went wrong.

OK. I got it. After the git download, and the rawseed installed, I followed the manual method, instead of using the ./build.sh file. It does asked me if I want to update the database, and after I did, V2.7.0+… is now installed properly.

FYI, if you have issues with the database versions (you WILL if you decide to downgrade back to a stable release) - just delete the two .db files in ~/.config/darktable

Thanks. This is good to know for the next time, so I do noy lose all my settings and Haldclut.