[Solved] Sort search results by date


Is it possible to sort search results by date? E.g., I would like to view tag:play_raw by date of topic submission.

(Mica) #2

Sort by “latest topic” or am I misunderstanding you?


I tried that and [PlayRaw] Parrot Tulip is listed second, second to last and last. In the example, I would like to list all of the PlayRaws in chronological order.

(Mica) #4

Ah got it, I don’t think that’s possible. Bit if you know some REST and JSON, you could query our discourse instance API :slight_smile:

(darix) #5

if you click on the options link below the mini search box on top you get to the advanced search page, which allows you to pick sort order. From that dialog I got me:



I didn’t get the expected result yesterday. It is almost okay today. The outlier of the list is post #7 of [PlayRaw] Parrot Tulip, which is listed last.

(darix) #7

by default it sorts by relevance. that’s why i changed the sort order to latest_topic in my link


What I mean is that I was using latest topic all along but it isn’t always that reliable. I searched the Discourse forums and people have experienced the same thing.