Some feature suggestions concernning "save as" and "open with external editor"

  1. It would be convenient if the “save as” dialogue had an option to rename the file - not individually for every file as it is now, but as a template that would be applied to every export e.g. file name_RT5.8.
  2. It would be good, if several export settings could be saved as presets (jpg, tiff, png …)
  3. When sending a file to an external editor a tiff file is stored in an obscure location, that I always forget (I am 70). Why not store it next to the RAW?
  4. I use at least two editors to further edit the developed RAWs (Affinity and DxO Viewpoint). It would be helpful, If I could select the editor from a list of three or more entries instead of having to change the overall settings (type in the exact path to the editor in question) every time I have to change between editors.

In this case you need to rename files according to a template, please use the Queue

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