Some news about RawTherapee’s Local Adjustments and recent Rawpedia updates

It is true. But nothing forbids to retouch “LA” after the other treatments. This is true for all RT treatments and processes as well as for all software in the world…


But Jacques, because of the dE spot behavior, doing a local adjustment afterwards is actually very different now. Because what you see is not what you get because of the order of the pipeline.

No differences at all :slight_smile:
But it’s obvious…everything that is done before is not altered by the treatments afterwards.
Except if you change the settings

But I repeat as all treatments


@jdc I’m not understanding why you say no differences at all, sorry. People should be very aware of where LA is placed in the pipeline to have a meaningful editing experience. The effect of the LA tools are relative to the chosen spot. When you cannot see on which color/tone you put the spot, you have no reasonable reference to what you’re editing.

If somebody currently has a workflow where they like to play with curves and color toning and only then decide they want to make a local adjustment, they run into this unpredictable behavior. The color under the LA spot they place is not the color that the LA tools uses as input, because it has been changed afterwards. I think people need to be aware of this.

The deltaE “upstream” now allows to maintain the “settings” (contrast, saturation, …) on the selected area. Fortunately it is kept. That’s the goal.
That the final colors / contrasts / etc. are changed by the downstream treatments… it’s obvious, but it’s that the user wants it…For example black and white…But now BW does not suppress deltaE…

But, the settings made “upstream” remain… This is the goal, the purpose of having moved this treatment.
For me, everything works properly


Okay, I’m confused. Does this mean that all of my usual Exposure, Highlights and Shadows, Tone Curve and Lab Adjustments are now supposed to be done after LA are completed?


Yes, but this was already the case for the “Lab adjustments”.

But No, you can used “exposure, Highlight, shadows…”, etc…independently of LA…
When you change these process, no incidence on LA…
it is the same for any process upstream of "exposure, highlight…) (demosaicing, white balance, etc.). You are not “obliged” to change these processes to retouch “exposure”.

But with the Rawtherapee pipeline, it’s a choice, either before RGB process or after…As there were a lot of requests for before, which I think is globally preferable :slight_smile:


Yes, this was the choice that was made recently. Please see for some background discussion.

@stuntflyer I think everyone is at cross-purposes here. From a user point of view you can make local and global adjustments when you like as per your normal workflow. The only thing that changes is where the Local Adjustments occur internally in the processing pipeline.

That’s the point. You have to know at which point in the pipeline local adjustments are applied, because that can have a massive impact on what you think your local adjustment spot (which is a central concept of local adjustments in RT) picks up…


If I understand correctly global adjustments could change the masks before which isn’t the case any more. I like it.

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It would be helpful to see a photo retouch video with voice which incorporates LA and global adjustments using the Desmis’s changes. Is that possible?

That’s certainly possible. But not from me, as I’m not a LA specialist at all.

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If I remember correctly @Andy_Astbury1 did a couple of Local Adjustment video’s a few months back. Maybe he’s able/wiling to have a look at this and make one of his nice video’s, he did ask the RawTherapee community for suggestions he could do.

No pressure, just putting this out there :slight_smile:


Yeah, he was asking about what to do next. This might be something of interest to him.

I don’t know how to make a video, moreover my english is very very bad, but maybe @Andy_Astbury1 can spend some time there

I just open a Pull-request

Now, process after “LA” are neutralize (provisory) when the user uses one of the functions “Preview deltaE”. Up to now only BW was concerned by this behavior.

So we can see the impact of LA without the action of downstream processes


There is no AppImage since Feb 21 on the nightly builds download page. But I guess the new changes are already in the newest Windows build?

Living in the future? :stuck_out_tongue: You are right that it isn’t in parity. Pinging @Carmelo_DrRaw.

Hello @jdc,

Are there any plans to add parametric, brush, area and color similarity types of masking to RT?



There are already masks with various possibilities, including the 3 curves L(L), C©, LC(H), taking into account deltaE, structure and blur mask, Laplacian, etc.
You can also use mask with “Recovery based on luminance”, etc.

But for brush, and also Béziers Curves, polygon, it’s mostly a GUI problem and I don’t know how to do it…If someone can try to deal with this problem it would be nice…