Some PhF Layout suggestions

I find option -Werror in many make files and in “compile_commands.json” - great number, in any directive.

I have hopefully fixed all warnings, the code should compile with -Werror now…

Thanx, all’s compiled and works.

One think about usability: in geometry and rotate are needed horizontal and vertical (removable and movable) levels.

This is actually already possible: when you add a scale/rotate layer, you can click twice on the preview to create a guide line. The image will then be rotated in such a way that the line will end up being horizontal or vertical, depending which one is closer to the initial angle.

I am experimenting with the layout of the tools dialogs, trying to save some vertical space.
I have introduced a tab widget, and moved the blend mode, opacity slider and input source selector into a separate tab. Here is how it would look like:



What do you think?

Saving vertical space
– Could you remove the title bar?
– Could you place a Close at the right hand side of the icon or tab row?

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You have to write wiki, program have many hidden features. I think so.

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It’s good idea.

You are absolutely right, and I have recently started to write something… but it takes quite a lot of time :frowning:

I have no idea how to remove the title bar from a GTK dialog, but it can be used to show the tool type (see below)

Like this?


It needs to be vertically thinner to match the rest of the row.

This is actually already possible:

Guided line added by double click - it is not about my request :slight_smile: I told about stable orienteer for horizontal or vertical direction.

Would these help?

One note: “local contrast” layer makes quite good picture, but in time of export makes bright white areas on photo…

I have recorded a short screencast to show you what is possible:

If you mean you want some sort of movable reference grid, then this is also possible but not yet implemented… nevertheless, I find the solution of a mouse-adjustable reference line that guides the rotation quite usable.

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Thank you… I miss something in this.

Please explain more in detail… I’d happy to improve the interface, but I still do not understand precisely what you are asking for…


I have tried to reproduce this, but was unable so far… would you have a sample RAW+PFI to share that shows the problem?


I don’t have time for reproduce this too… Simple use of local contrast don’t have side effects.
Note about white balance: why you don’t make dropper for taking white sample from picture?

You can set different WB modes. See Spot, Color Spot and Area (which I request and works well).