Something not quite *right* with this bottle photo (darktable)

Perhaps it’s just a poor choice in background, I don’t know. It just looks weird to me no matter what I do. This is what I’ve done so far. I hope I’m posting this correctly! I’ve only submitted one other image here before, and it’s been a while lol…

DSC_0101.NEF (9.3 MB) DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (10.4 KB)
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It’s wrongly lit, nothing that can be done here in post.
You need a bigger diffused light source, black background and put the light behind the black background towards the subject or opposite if you have a white surface behind the setup.


As usual, there are half a million ways to develop a photo :slight_smile:
Here is one of them:

DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (7.3 KB)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Thanks, I suppose you’re right. I don’t have the option of another light source, though. All I have are two desk lamps with high output LED bulbs behind some parchment paper lol. Some day I hope to get a couple of soft boxes and speedlights but I’m broke right now (still… lol) so it’s going to be a while.


Thank you, I like that you were able to bring out the details and make the green less…green lol.

DT 3.2.1

DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (14,8 KB)


:slight_smile: Nicely done.


DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (11.9 KB)

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DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (13.5 KB)

Or in b/w because there is not much color “information”.

DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (14.0 KB)

Edit: I made an error when cropping (upper left corner) but I will not correct this :wink: .

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DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (10.4 KB) DSC_0101_01.NEF.xmp (10.9 KB)




Can you post the sidecar for this one?

Ja, zeker.
Added to my original post.

DSC_0101.jpg.out.pp3 (14.1 KB)

@Testuda Sometimes tension is good. LEDs can be tricky and weak. DIY soft boxes?

You could also try light painting. It’s not easy to get very controlled shots that way but you have a lot more options :slight_smile:

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Late to this one, but the subtle coloration is a welcome respite from extreme blues…

I’m going to post this one as screenshots, to illustrate a way to deal with white balance. First, here’s the image with the “as-shot” camera multipliers:

Of note, the camspec project has SSF data for your camera, so I used the ICC camera profile here. Not a significant difference, but there was an oh-so-slight bump in the green tone. Also note, there are two whitebalance tools in the chain; the adjustment one is disabled. Now, look at the histogram and note where the blue channel peaks (this is a before-output histogram, so it’s still left-compressed). To adjust, I increased the blue multiplier until the three peaks aligned:

You can’t do this with all histograms, but when you can…

Hey Glenn, I’m seeing a thin horizontal rectangle to the left of the neck of the bottle in your screen shots…any idea where that came from?

Ha, zoom in on it… “Window snip”. It’s from the Windows snipping tool, which I used to capture the screenshots. Need to make sure its window isn’t impinging upon the window being snipped, I guess…

Here’s the developed image:

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Why don’t you use Alt + Print Screen?