Something not quite *right* with this bottle photo (darktable)

Perhaps it’s just a poor choice in background, I don’t know. It just looks weird to me no matter what I do. This is what I’ve done so far. I hope I’m posting this correctly! I’ve only submitted one other image here before, and it’s been a while lol…

DSC_0101.NEF (9.3 MB) DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (10.4 KB)
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It’s wrongly lit, nothing that can be done here in post.
You need a bigger diffused light source, black background and put the light behind the black background towards the subject or opposite if you have a white surface behind the setup.


As usual, there are half a million ways to develop a photo :slight_smile:
Here is one of them:

DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (7.3 KB)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Thanks, I suppose you’re right. I don’t have the option of another light source, though. All I have are two desk lamps with high output LED bulbs behind some parchment paper lol. Some day I hope to get a couple of soft boxes and speedlights but I’m broke right now (still… lol) so it’s going to be a while.


Thank you, I like that you were able to bring out the details and make the green less…green lol.

DT 3.2.1

DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (14,8 KB)


:slight_smile: Nicely done.


DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (11.9 KB)

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DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (13.5 KB)

Or in b/w because there is not much color “information”.

DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (14.0 KB)

Edit: I made an error when cropping (upper left corner) but I will not correct this :wink: .

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DSC_0101.NEF.xmp (10.4 KB) DSC_0101_01.NEF.xmp (10.9 KB)



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Can you post the sidecar for this one?

Ja, zeker.
Added to my original post.

DSC_0101.jpg.out.pp3 (14.1 KB)

@Testuda Sometimes tension is good. LEDs can be tricky and weak. DIY soft boxes?