Spot removal and cropping

The first thing I do is my crop, then later in my process, eventually I end at the spot removal.

The problem is that spot removal “removes” the crop and shows the original frame size. Which make it difficult to see where the frame is and I end up doing a whole bunch of spot removals that are not in the frame.

Is there a way of displaying the frame crop, while doing the spot removals?

Thank you

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Hi @foto
As long as there is nothing better, you can use a trick with local adjustments. I do it with RawTherapee, but it can be done with ART as well:

  1. Make the crop

  2. Make with local settings a rectangle of the crop size

  3. increase the illumination in the whole rectangle

  4. activate cloning module and you will see the limits too.

  5. Proceed to cloning

  6. Deactivate the local adjustments rectangle.


Interesting. I never thought of that.

Thank you

Just checked and this doesn’t happen in my version of ART.
Cropping first, then using spot removal doesn’t alter the cropped size of the image.
This is on 1.9.3 on Kubuntu.

1.9.3 on opensuse leap 15.3

Here’s the general crop:

Here’s the crop module

Here’s the spot removal module with extra uncropped.

You can look at the order from the filenames which have the local date/time.

On your second image, do you click on “done” This should make the cropped area black, then fit to page, either f or fit to page icon. Then when you activate spot removal all should be good.

No that didn’t work.

My crop is 16:9 > f > switch to spot removal > enable spot removal. No problem, proper crop. Click on the button to create/select spots and that’s when art switches to the full image.

Did you click on done in the crop module. To turn the cropped area black, before the fit to page?


  1. f to full
  2. set the ratio (locked)
  3. guide: 3rds
  4. select moving here & there
  5. done
  6. art automatically rest the crop to the area cropped maximized
  7. switch to sharpening tab
  8. spot removal
  9. click on button to set point…

Hi @foto,
this is the expected behaviour. Spot removal happens before geometric transformations (such as distortion and perspective correction and rotation), so in order to correctly place your spots ART will show you the image before such transformations. Since these can affect the crop, the latter is disabled. There’s currently no way to work around this I’m afraid… if you prefer to remove spots at the end, I think GIMP is a better tool for this.


Would it be possible to display the crop frame during the spot removal module?


I’ll have to think about it and see if it makes sense

Thank you

It would be a very approximate preview : because of lens and perspective correction, some part of the image will be out of the rectangle while being in once back in normal display. The other way round would be to move the Spot removal tool after the transformation and lens correction tool. But in this case, you won’t be able to rework the geometry setting without f*-up your Spot removal adjustment …which is why it has been placed before the geometry tool in the pipeline.

I wouldn’t spend one minute on this IMHO.


The approximate of just displaying the frame would be plenty good enough for me when doing the spots removal.

I don’t want to have to remove spots that will not be in the export.