Spot removal bug


Hi !

I am new to photography and have learned to edit with ART, I really enjoy it so thank you to the creators !

I have an issue that I have come across a few times already, I don’t know if there is a dedicated place to report bugs, if so please let me know and I will submit it there.

When I use Spot removal for something slightly larger than a small imperfection (to disappear a hand or a light in a dance event), ART cannot export the image. It stays in the queue indefinitely. I have updated the software once or twice since the first time I noticed this back in april but to no avail. I was able to isolate it because as soon as I remove spot removal the image is exported in the usual 2-3 seconds.

Does anyone have this problem ?

Thanks !

Hi @Space4000,
and thanks for the info. Are you able to share a raw+arp that shows this? Thanks in advance!


Yes, here they are, thank you !

As an indication that might help it sometimes crashes when zooming in and out. I think it only did it once on this picture but on other occasions it was almost systematic.

DSC09218.ARW.arp (26.1 KB)
DSC09218.ARW (23.8 MB)
DSC09218.xmp (258 Bytes)

Thanks – I see that too. I’ll investigate

@Space4000 this should be fixed in the latest master – thanks again for reporting!

Thanks a ton !

Sorry for the late reply I didn’t realize I hadn’t :sweat_smile: